technical support, consulting and project assistance

construction technical services and consulting

Through our construction consulting service, our team of experienced professionals will partner with you at every stage of the build. We identify defects before they become problems, including errors in design, substandard workmanship or lack of proper construction knowledge.

The complexities of your construction project require a trusted, expert team. We are dedicated to providing best-in-class inspection services using advanced quality assurance methodology. We have a long history and a strong reputation, endorsed by major insurance carriers and the nation’s largest contractors. We provide experienced technical support, consulting and project assistance, including:

  • Construction practices analysis
  • Scope of work reviews
  • Quality control program reviews

We work on various types of residential, commercial, retail and mixed-use occupancies including:

  • Single-family wood-framed construction
  • Multi-family steel/wood-framed construction (for lease or sell)
  • Commercial steel/wood-framed construction (for lease or sell)
  • Both mid-rise and high-rise steel and/or concrete construction