early to reduce risk and avoid delays

Some of the most important work happens before you break ground. We employ experienced in-house architects with broad experience and expertise.

construction testing and investigation

ABCO’s pre-construction
services help you:

  • Identify issues early in the process
  • Reduce construction project risks
  • Avoid delays
  • Produce desired project results

Geo-tech report review

Ensuring the right foundation is often the most important part of the pre-construction phase. Our geo-technical services include field report reviews, desktop reviews of soil reports, foundation design reviews and geo-technical recommendations.

Architectural Design Review

Our plan reviews assist clients in identifying design conflicts, errors or omissions, before they manifest in the field. Our team of consultants and design professionals review the design documents for field constructability and design detail accuracy as it pertains to a particular area of focus.

Property condition assessment reports

Remodels and modifications add a whole new layer of risk to your construction project. We reduce this risk by assessing existing conditions, establishing a reference point and determining project feasibility before your firm assumes any liability.

Architectural Design Assist

ABCO’s design assist program includes reviews of early design details and provides recommendations to the design team details related to the building envelope that are applicate to water / moisture management.