with maintenance manuals and turnover programs

Transitioning your project to a new buyer or HOA is one of the most critical steps to securing its long-term viability and maintenance. Our post-construction services provide additional assurance and documentation to help ensure the highest quality results even after the transition.  When you work with ABCO throughout your project, we use proactive measures to mitigate risk and increase customer satisfaction.


ABCO’s post-construction
services help you:

  • Seamlessly transition to HOAs and management firms
  • Ensure ongoing construction quality assurance through monthly schedules, checklists and recommended maintenance methods
  • Increase customer satisfaction

HOA / facilities maintenance manual 

Comprehensive documentation demonstrates your commitment to ongoing quality and maintenance schedules. Our HOA/Facilities manuals include a thorough review of the physical site and an in-depth study of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). We also include monthly schedules, checklists and recommended maintenance methods.

As part of the HOA / Facilities Maintenance Manual package, ABCO offers an orientation program to explain how to work with the manual. The orientation training is conducted at the project site with representatives from the builder and/or owner, the HOA Maintenance company, and the HOA Board of Directors.


Homeowner’s maintenance manual

As your work becomes a residence for individual owners, supporting that transition with homeowner’s maintenance manuals provides both documentation for warranty issues and education for the homeowner. Our homeowner’s maintenance manuals detail maintenance and inspection procedures, responsibilities and maintenance records for both the interior and exterior. This includes routine maintenance and recommended monthly schedules.

Pre-Homeowners Association (HOA) turnover program

Our pre-HOA turnover program identifies damaged or incorrect construction practices before turnover to the HOA or facilities maintenance firm. We inspect ANSI 117.1 components, including building exteriors, roof systems, landscaping and paved surfaces, existing visible damage and noted deviations from the design documents. (This service is typically used when ABCO’s Construction Quality Assurance Program was not part of your construction project.)